Why Kids Hate Bounce House

Yeah, you read it right. Some kids may hate bounce houses under some circumstances. You are probably curious about the reasons of why kids hate bounce houses. When I say "hate", maybe the phrase is too strong, it can mean dislike or show no affection. Let's discuss this topic thoroughly.

Social Media Distraction

What is the ubiquitous scene you are expecting to see with today's youths? Perhaps the utilizing of smartphones, no matter where they go and what they do. Right?

What is the fuss about those touch screen devices? Possibly it is about the social media they are scanning. The contents of social media presenting in front to kids deeply have their attentions and interests sank into abyss of addiction. So you can deduce that even kids are given chances to play on a bounce house, they would rather keep reading on their phone.

Not the Right Kind

Your kids still love inflatable bouncy toys, if only you give the right kind.

Maybe your kids want a unicorn theme bounce house, but unfortunately you made a mistake by renting a regular bouncy house. Maybe it is not the bounce house they want, they like an inflatable water slide instead. Think about it, compared to bounce house, a water slide offers much more fun.

Same Old Same Old

Another reason for kids ditching bounce house is because they get bounce house for their birthday party every year. They are just simply tired of it. They want to have a different experience of birthday party. As a parent, we may somehow easily stereotype a kid's birthday with bounce house included. However, there is a chance kids would not agree. So next time, instead of rushing into anything, ask your kids what they want for their birthday first.

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