Does your product have a warranty?

Yes. Every purchase of Bestparty Inflatable products comes with a 3 months replacement warranty.


Will I be charged sales tax?

All the price are included taxes


How long can Bestparty's products last?

We really have no way to answer this question, because the answer depends entirely on the type of use, frequency of use and maintenance of the product. Our products enjoy a 3 months warranty with due care. However, if it is not properly taken care of, mold and other problems can quickly destroy it, especially in water parks.

Best party's inflatable products meet or exceed industry standards in terms of safety, durability, warranty and support. We are very proud of the quality and durability of Best party's inflatable products, and believe that we will provide the best quality, design and support in the industry.


How can I dry my water slide?

Over the years, the Bestparty water slides have undergone many upgrades to greatly limit the amount of water in the bladder. However, under long-term use, a small amount of water may enter the bladder. To dry the water park, evacuate all players, release the water, deflate the water park, and release all the accumulated water in the game area. You can also step on the swelling wall with bare feet to run out of water, thereby removing most of the stagnant water.

After removing any accumulated water, inflate the product again and run the blower until the inside is dry.


If it is only used indoors, should I store the bounce house after each use?

If you want to put the inflatable device indoors, you don't need to worry about storing it after each use. Just keep it inside, away from moisture and direct sunlight, you just need to vent at the end of the day.


My inflatable seems to be opening up, especially in the corners.

All inflatable products will open slightly, especially in the corners, which may be more common in commercial inflatable products. Due to the many parts that meet in this area, it is sometimes impossible to connect all the components together in one corner, and most of the assembly is done inside the inflatable device. As time goes by, the inflation "relaxes", and certain areas, especially the corners, seem to open and separate.

Generally, it is impossible to sew the corners where multiple components meet all the way to the corners, but can only be supported by a seam a few inches away. You may even see threads, or occasionally what seems to be "open threads", but the series of stitches inside the inflator can be heavy. These openings are usually separated between the size of a dime and a quarter, so there is no need to worry. Sometimes, a corner may appear on one side of the inflator, while others may not. This need not cause concern.


How to determine a vacancy?

Generally, if the opening is less than a dollar, the inflator will still operate safely. If it is greater than this value, it can be sent for inspection/repair. We will issue a call tag, use a pressure gauge to test the pressure of the item, and determine whether it is defective or still has enough pressure to function within the scope of the project. If it is determined that there is a defect due to manufacturing or material reasons, we will repair the product and return it to you free of charge. However, if it is not determined to be defective or due to user issues, we will charge inbound and outbound transportation fees to return the item to you.


Does the blower have to be in working condition all the time?

Yes it is. Our inflator is "constant air", and the operating blower provides structural integrity and bounce power. The design of such products is not airtight, but requires air to escape in order to operate normally.


What if my bounce house stops working?

Please contact us for a solution.


What if my blower stops working?

Please contact us for a solution. The blower is equipped with a device to prevent overheating, so if the motor temperature is too high, the blower will usually shut down for about 2 hours before restarting.