Summer Backyard Inflatable FUN

Summer Backyard Inflatable FUN

For kids, the most important thing to do in summer is to have fun in their backyard. A long summer vacation cannot sound expected without some fun backyard activities. So what are we going to do?

Bounce House

For starters, why not give bounce house a try? A blow up bounce house is like a giant jelly that you jump inside it. It can come with many different colors and themes, so setting up one in your backyard is not only fun but also conspicuous. Also, your kids is getting fun meanwhile having some exercises, what I would call that is win-win.

Water Slide

If you are not a fan of inflatable bounce house, how about water slide for a change. Inflatable water slide definitely have the ability to make your summer vacation more cooler. You can buy or even rent a backyard water slide for your kids, so that they can have water fun all summer long.

Slip and Slide

Inflatable slip and slide is just like inflatable water slide, but maybe on a more horizontal level. This inflatable version is much better than plain old slip sheet on the grass. Because you'll have a more soft bed to land on and slide.

Water Combo

Now, let's upgrade the game a little bit. This time we are going to combine bounce house and water slide into one unit. Hence, the inflatable water combo. Needless to say, now you double your fun with jumping and water sliding all together.

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