Seven Steps to set up your bounce house!

Seven Steps to set up your bounce house!

How to set up the bounce house correctly? Let me guide you through the following setup instructions.

Step 1: Decide where to set it up

For safety reasons, the location where the bounce house is installed is very important. Inflatable trampoline needs to be fixed with wooden stakes to keep it intact, so places such as lawn and soil are the first choice.
Keeping the trampoline clean and in good condition is what everyone wants. So before you do anything, throw away rocks and sharp objects on the ground. Then cover the ground with a tarp that is large enough to accommodate all the bounce houses. The tarps ensure that dirt is separated from the bounce houses.


Step 2: Expand the bounce house

All inflatables can be folded and stowed, so when you take them out next time, you have to unfold them.

Step 3: Power supply and blower

The inflatable trampoline is drawn by a blower, and the air is blown into the structure. The blower needs electricity to run. Use a wire to connect the blower to the power source. If your installation site is in a park or any place where there is a lack of power, a generator is a good choice.

Step 4: Entry and exit

Connect the blower to the air inlet and tighten the joint slightly to ensure that the air drawn by the blower does not leak. Then close all the air outlets, but there will still be air coming out of these air outlets. Don't worry, a bounce house needs to be constantly blown by the fan, and there is wind in and out.

Step 5: Inflate the bounce house

Start the blower and wait for about 2 minutes.

Step 6: Anchor the bounce house

For the safety of children, we must ensure that the entire inflatable trampoline is fixed on the ground. To this end, we use ground piles to anchor an inflatable trampoline to prevent the entire inflatable trampoline from being blown away by the wind. Hold the hammer and drive the stake deeply into the soil.

It is better if you have sandbags, use them to improve safety on windy days.

Step 7: Double check the program

Recheck the steps you made. Safety is always the first and last, please do not use them on windy or rainy days.
The whole process of building a bounce house is less than 20 minutes.


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