How to Throw A Pirate Birthday Party

If your kids want to be a pirate, why not give them a chance? A pirate theme birthday party should be the most wonderful which can happen to fulfill their little pirate dreams. Then the problem narrows down to how to throw a pirate theme birthday party for kids.

As you can see, the things associated with pirates include pirate ships, treasures, open sea, adventures and parrots. Brainstorm with these things will clearly give you some excellent ideas to host a pirate party.

Inflatable Pirate Ship

First of all, the most important item to be presented on a pirate birthday is a inflatable pirate ship. An inflatable pirate ship is usually a giant inflatable slide shaped like a ship. Kids are able to have a great time on it while jumping and sliding.

It's not hard to see why an inflatable pirate ship plays the most important role in a pirate party, because as a pirate, you gonna have your own pirate ship. Without it, kids may have a hard time picturing them sailing at the open ocean.

Talk Like a Pirate

Every little pirate is an expert of pirate linguist. It will be much fun to talk like a pirate on the special day. You can start with greeting your fellow matey with ahoy.

Pirate Birthday Cake

A birthday cake designed with pirate elements, sounds yummy. So you can make a pirate theme birthday cake by adding so many pirate stuff on it, such as may be a pirate ship, pirate flag, pirate swords, parrot and of course, a pirate.

Treasure Hunting Game

What game is mostly likened to the action of pirates looking for treasures? You guess it, it's the treasure hunting game. As a host, you can give kids a map and some hints for them to look for a hidden treasure. Who finds the treasure wins the game and get a big reward.

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