Bounce House: Buy or Rent

To buy a bounce house or rent one, it is a question. When your kid birthday party is reaching, often parents would come up with this kind of question. So what is the pros and cons of buying or renting a bounce house for your kids birthday party.

When you buy a bounce house, think about where do you but it? You often buy a bounce house on Amazon, Walmart or even Ebay. Right? This type of bounce houses you buy is most probably a home use bounce house. A home use bounce house means the quality of the inflatable bouncer is lesser than according commercial bounce house.

Then we have commercial bounce house. This is the inflatable bouncy house you often rent from bounce house rental companies. You rent it for a window of some hours and get it returned after the period.

So, first we should talk about the price of them.

The cost to buy a residential bounce house normally is about several hundreds of bucks. The cost to rent a commercial bounce house is at least about $200 per event. Hence, buying wins.

Next, let's compare the quality of use. It's no secret that the commercial version is much better than home use version. But wait a minute, a home use bouncer can easily last for at least one year and more. I think that's fine for most families. Thus, buying wins again.

Last, we shall check out the playfulness of the two. What you rent is always a bigger one than what you buy. The bigger one may has bigger slide, bigger pool and bigger bouncing floor to jump. Therefore, this time the clear winner is renting.

So if you are a parent, what will you do?

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