Best Birthday Party Themes

With a theme, a birthday party would be more specific for party hosts and guests to plan and design. There are many great themes to pick for kids birthday parties.

Pirate Theme

A pirate theme birthday party is wonderfully suitable for any boy's special day. Because every boy keeps a pirate dream in their young heart.

On the pirate themed party, one should dress and talk like a pirate. And the best game to play on a pirate themed birthday party would be treasure hunt.

Pirate theme bounce house will be a great addition to a pirate party. Especially, one can rent a pirate ship inflatable slide or moonwalk for kids to jump and slide.

Unicorn Theme

Unicorn is a magic creature and extremely popular among children. Every child is just like an unicorn, pure and healthy. A unicorn party is well fit for both boys and girls.

On the unicorn themed party, one can dress up like a unicorn by wearing unicorn costume or painting with colorful makeups on one's face.

Unicorn theme inflatable bounce house or water slide make every kid as happy as a clam. They are cute for the view and fun for the play.

Princess Theme

No girl can say no to a princess theme birthday party. Because deep inside, every girl is a princess in the hearts of their parents.

On the princess themed party, the special one must dress up like a princess. Furthermore, it is time to use some jewelries, like tiara and necklace to make things much better.

Princess theme bounce house is the most chic bounce house out there. Not to mention there are dozens of different princesses to choose from, such like Elsa and Snow White.

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